7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Do you enjoy summer? Or are you already anxious for cooler weather? Many of our furry patients love summertime. After all, this is perfect weather for rolling around on lawns and lounging about in sunbeams. However, this can be a dangerous time of year for pets. Heat exhaustion is extremely dangerous for dogs and cats, and can even be fatal. Making sure your animal companion is properly hydrated is very important! A Rockaway, NJ vet lists some ways to do that in this article.


Sodium-free broth is a great way to keep your pet hydrated. Offer your fuzzy friend a small bowl on hot days. Just be sure to check the label first, to make sure it doesn’t contain MSG.

Ice Cubes

When temperatures rise, drop an ice cube into your pet’s bowl to cool the water down a bit. Fluffy may also enjoy playing ‘hockey’ with an ice cube, while Fido may not object to having one as a treat.

Pet Fountains

Many pets prefer to drink running water. Consider getting your four-legged pal a pet fountain. This is also a great option for kitties who enjoy drinking tap water.

Cat Milk

We know, the image of cats drinking milk is a classic icon. However, milk actually isn’t a good treat for Fluffy. In fact, many of our feline friends are lactose-intolerant. You can give your kitty cat milk, however. This treat is sold in many pet stores, and is purrfectly safe for pets.

Multiple Stations

If you notice that your pet’s bowl is often empty, set out additional drinking stations. We definitely recommend this if you have more than one pet, and/or live in a large home. If your furry buddy spends time outside, put water dishes outdoors as well. Be sure to wash the bowls daily, to prevent grime and bacteria from building up.

Canned Food

One benefit of moist food is that it has a much higher water content than dry kibble. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Doggy On The Go

If you like to take Fido out and about with you, make sure you always bring water for him. You may want to get collapsible doggy dishes. Or, get Fido a water bottle with an attached bowl.

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